Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Hawkins

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is celebrating Christmas Eve with Josh's family. Most of Josh's siblings live out of state now so not everyone was in Utah this year, but it was still so great to be with some of the Hawkins fam. I've probably mentioned this before, but Josh's parents live out in Spanish Fork, surrounded by acres of farmland. It's so quiet and beautiful and removed from the busyness of the world. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Josh's parents all to ourselves, and then two of Josh's siblings joined us that evening.
Bryn and Mya love their Grandma Hawkins
 I'm one of those mean wives who won't let their husband have nintendo, so Josh loves pulling out his childhood nintendo set when he's at his parents house.
 Nothing brings a dad and daughter closer together than a little Super Mario Brothers......or so Josh claims :)
 Halle is like the little mother figure to all the little nieces and nephews. My girls love her!
 I love this picture!
Jason and Brandi have two girls who are about the same age apart as Bryn and Mya so it's always fun to look at Hunter and Halle and see what my girls will be like down the road.
 Normally we act out the nativity with all the cousins, but we were small in numbers this year so the nativity was replaced with a cousin dance party. 

We opened a few presents and did our annual gift exchange. Brandi made these darling blocks and Bryn has loved playing with them! Cute, right!?
 Let's zoom in for a closer look! Thanks Brandi!!
 Aww....some sweet time with Grandpa
Bryn had so much fun with these cute cousins! I wish she got to see them more, but it just makes us appreciate these times when she has such a blast with them.
More Christmas pictures to come, of course! :)

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