Sunday, December 30, 2012

Four Years Old

This cute girl turned FOUR on December 30th while we were in Utah. Brynlee is my little buddy every day and I love being her mom. Bryn is so smart, so silly, so imaginative, so creative, and so sweet. Poor Bryn has been our little guinea pig as we've tried to figure out the best way to raise children....(we still haven't figured it out yet. Any tips?) Bryn is full of energy and ideas and stories and songs from morning until night. She keeps us laughing all day... sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. We couldn't love Bryn more and we're so grateful  she's a part of our family.
 Bryn requested a "Jessie" (from Toy Story) cake and she was pretty excited when she saw it. She's still at a young enough age to be happy with a simple, homemade cake and an even simpler family birthday party. On her birthday we had a Hawkins family party at Jason and Brandi's house and it was so fun for Bryn to spend her birthday with cousins. 

Those who were too young for birthday cake just munched on their own chubby hands. Mya fell into that category.
 Happy Birthday to our very favorite four year old! We love you, Bryn!

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