Monday, December 10, 2012

Craft Fair

About a week ago I did my first "craft fair" with some of my friends and it was such a blast! My friends had success doing it last year, so they did it again this year and invited me to join them. I had never thought of doing a craft fair or anything like that before, but hopefully this won't be my last time doing it! It was so fun to have a reason to craft every night when the girls were asleep and Josh was studying. And with my little envelope of earnings I am now officially the sole breadwinner of our household! Josh and I have been laughing about this. I didn't sell everything I made, but I did make enough to cover all our Christmas costs, so I was thrilled. And I also ended up with a handful of "orders" for additional painting and sewing projects, so I've been working on those this week before we head out to Utah. 
 Above is my little booth, and below are the things I sold....

 Maybe I should add...."Tuck" is the business school at Dartmouth, and I did a handful of small paintings of the main Tuck building on campus. I should probably know the actual name of the building because I'm pretty sure it has an official name other than "you know, that main Tuck building...".

 I don't have any good pictures of the room all set up and ready to go, but here are a few pictures while we sat up that give you a tiny glimpse of all the fun crafts and gourmet treats being sold.

And maybe the best part of the craft fair was spending the day with these awesome ladies! I'll tell you what, I am surrounded by such talented ladies here! (Which was true with my California friends, too!) 
What a fun day! Totally exhausting and so much work to prepare for it, but now that I've had a week to rest I kind of wish we could get working on another one! 


Emily Curfew said...

well, of course you sold well at the craft fair! all things you make are stylish design. I am totally loving those jingle balls -- do they have a bell in them to jingle? did you make your own pattern? i want to figure out how to make those.

and that is a STEAL for your original paintings!!! lucky people who snatched those up!

JS said...

I LOVE the paintings! I have never thought of asking you to paint one, but hmmm. :) Can I pay you to make one of Oregon for us? Tyson would DIE for one.... Anyways, of course you did well. YOu are so talented! Love all your stuff. Quincy loves the jingle ball you made her!

mj said...

Loved all of your stuff. So glad you joined us! That building is, actually, called Tuck. :)

{autie} said...

you're amazing, girl!
What a fun idea! Glad you were able to participate and that you have some fun friends to keep you company!
miss you over here!

Diana Hulme said...

I love everything you made! How did you find the time???! It's all so cute. I need some more of those jingle balls for baby shower gifts, I think. Ollie still plays with his every day. Ok, and can we talk about the paintings? Love it! Let's talk about you painting something for us, seriously! xoxoxo

Michelle said...

loved hanging out with you! It was so fun to have more people doing it and you are MEGA talented.