Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas: At the Farm

 Most of the time in Utah we stayed at my parent's home in Sandy, but we also had some fun time staying down at Josh's parent's home in Spanish Fork. I wish I had taken more pictures, but here are a few...
Bryn loved kicking back on Grandpa's rocker and watching morning cartoons with her cousins.
(Uncle Brandon also looks like he's really enjoying himself!)
 I'm not really a pet person and we'll probably never have pets, but Bryn loves getting her pet fix at her Grandma Hawkins house. "Tag" is usually an outdoor cat, so Bryn thought it was so hilarious when he got to come inside a few times for the kids to pet him.
It's also really fun for Bryn to see the horses out back and the sheep, cows, and horses in neighboring fields.

My mom in law is the baby whisperer and both my girls love her!
 There's nothing better than grandma time!
Bryn's always liked her cousins, but this year she just loved running around with them, dressing up, playing make believe, dancing and giggling and doing all the fun cousin stuff. 
Thanks Mom and Dad Hawkins for letting us stay and have so much fun in your home!

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