Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Time

I am not as good at documenting all the "firsts" with Mya as I was with Bryn (Well, I probably went overboard with Bryn), but I finally took a few pictures of Mya's latest achievement....
Solid Foods.
She's been doing rice cereal for a few weeks now and she is just barely branching out to pears, peaches, etc.
Of course, she loves it!

Bryn thinks it's hilarious to see Mya's silly attempts at swallowing food, and she always asks to help feed her. It takes a long time for Mya to finish her tiny servings, but it takes even longer when Bryn is the one doing the  feeding! But it's worth it to hear Bryn's giggles and hear her encouragement to Mya "Come on little missy! You can do it, you can do it! Keep swallowing, keep swallowing!..."


Richins Family said...

That second-to-last picture with Mya's wide eyes kills me. Your girls are absolutely adorable. And yay for solid foods!!

mj said...

The pic of Mya looking at the spoon should be framed. Tell Bryn if she times Mya, maybe she'll speed up? :)

Karen said...

I agree...frame the wide eyed picture!! Love the matching dresses!