Sunday, December 9, 2012


I think this is the first time Bryn and Mya have worn matching outfits ...besides Bryn's daily attempts to match Mya. Bryn thought it was the greatest thing on earth to match Mya. It was so cute how excited she was about it. Awww.....sister love! It reminds me of all the matching outfits I have with my sister nowadays. She finds something cute and then I ask her where she bought it and I copy her! I think half our wardrobes are exactly the same. Thanks Rie!

I really did buy these dresses from the holiday section, but I am now realizing that they totally look like Easter dresses. For sure. So much for branching out from the typical red Christmas dresses! I guess we're just killing two birds with one stone and we've already got their Easter dresses covered! 
I take that back. Mya puts on about a pound a day and there's no way she'll still fit in this size 9-month dress at Easter time. She'll probably be wearing at least size 2T :)
Anyway.....I love these two girls! Three cheers for matching Christmas/Easter dresses!

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