Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: Tuellers and Clarkes

I have a lot of extended family in Utah, so one of the perks of going to Utah is seeing my four grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who I miss the rest of the year. We got together with my Clarke and Tueller extended families a handful times during our trip, though I've only got a few pictures to show for it:


On the way to the Hawkins party on Christmas Eve we stopped at my Tueller grandparents home for the morning. Brynlee loves Grandpa and Grandma Tueller...and their awesome toy room with all the old Little People sets my mom grew up with.
We also got to spend time with my Uncle Mark who was in town from California. When we lived in Huntington Beach Mark lived just down the street from us, so we saw him all the time. It was so fun to see him at Christmas because we have missed him! Bryn was thrilled to see him, which was cute. We used to walk to the beach a few times a week and she loved watching Mark play sand volleyball. Mark and Bryn were good buddies! We miss you, Mark and it was wonderful to see you!
 And now for a few pictures of Mya enjoying herself at grandma's house

This year nearly everyone (all the cousins except one) from the Tueller family was in town for Christmas...even those of us who live back east and out of the country. So we took advantage of it and had family pictures taken with our big crew. The pictures were taken by Jylare Smith and I can't wait to see them! The last time we had Tueller family pictures was probably 15-20 years ago!
The hardest picture to arrange was all the great-grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa! Trying to wrangle seven busy, squirmy kids is no easy task, but I think we got a few good shots :)
 Afterwards, we had Brick Oven pizza at Dave and Margaret's home in Provo and had a little devotional from Grandma and Grandpa. 
Mya with Rich and Patti
 (I think Mya's wearing this outfit in about all my Christmas pictures! We packed light!)

 We also had a great party with all my dad's siblings. Mya loves Aunt Marilee and cute Sarah!
 No Clarke family party would be complete without a little basketball. The best part of the night was Ashley beating out all the men/boys and winning Lightning! That's something I could never do, but Ashley representied the rest of the women!
 Another success of the night was catching a picture of Bryn (kind of) smiling! She just ran laps around the gym with her second-cousins all night. She ended the night in a full sweat from all of her shenanigans. 

I am really grateful to be so close to all my extended family and it was such a treat to be with them all. It's always hard missing out on all the reunions, family dinners, bridal and baby showers, and things, but it makes us really appreciate our time with the family while we're in Utah.

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