Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bryn + Mya

When Mya was born my mom encouraged me to have Bryn and Mya's days intersect as much as possible. Not to get Bryn busy doing one thing and keep Mya happy doing something else, but to get them to "play" together even though they are three and a half years apart.  
She was right.
I've tried really hard to do this each day and it's my very, very favorite thing to see my girls side by side, interacting as much as they can at this stage.
 Bryn is getting so good at bringing Mya toys and trying to demonstrate how to make them work. It's so cute. I really can't take it! Bryn does an awesome little baby voice when she talks to Mya and calls her endearing nicknames like "Little Chubsy" and "Little Baldy".
 Mya just lights up when Bryn is beside her. It really melts my heart.
 Bryn loves to match Mya, so that explains the bib and interesting outfit. This was the closest outfit she could get to Mya's ensemble. Bryn and her outfits.....

 Bryn even tests out Mya's toys for her and finds the best ones to chew on. Now that is love.

 There is nothing better than this.


Karen said...

Someone should have given me that advice when I had Alex! What wonderful, beautiful advice. And maybe someone did, but I wasn't listening well enough. Good thing I heard it now just before baby #3 comes. Thanks for sharing. I needed that.

mj said...

This is the best post ever. Bryn kills me. I thanked her on Sunday for her sweet note and she said, "Do Leah's hands work yet!?"

Diana Hulme said...

Your mom always has such great advice about parenting. Obviously she knows a thing or two, seeing how her children turned out! :) I love the matching...Bryn kills me!