Monday, December 3, 2012

Last of the NJ Trip

Here are some final snapshots from our fun New Jersey trip (and then I promise I'll stop talking about it).
Let's start with Abby. How cute is my niece!? I loved spending time with Abby and so did Bryn and Mya. Abs was so sweet with both of my girls and they absolutely adored her.
 This is some of the cousins at a science museum near Jake and Ty's house.
 Bryn and Abby hard at work coloring. Bryn was so thrilled to have Abby as her coloring partner.
 Josh stayed up every night past midnight playing monopoly with the boys. He was in heaven to have people to play monopoly with :)
 Awww.....Mya with her Grandpa Hawkins
 And Brynlee with her Grandma Hawkins
 Mya was seriously given the royal treatment the whole time. She was held and played with the entire time and she just ate it up.
 Leah literally held her for hours each day. As soon as I fed Mya Leah would ask to hold her, and then she'd keep playing with her the whole time until it was time for Mya's next nap. It was so cute.
 One of the best parts of the trip was meeting my new nephew Israel! He was just a month old and he is such  a cutie. Here's Mya and Israel with Isaac and J.J.
 J.J. and Josh playing guitar
And one more of little Miss Mya with grandma.
We had the best time being with family and having a fun little trip to New Jersey. Thanks so much to Jake and Tyra for hosting us all in their home!

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loved all these posts! i have to admit i'm a bit jealous...i have a secret hope to live back east're lucky to have so much family close by :)