Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas is wonderful every year, but I'll tell you what- it just gets more and more wonderful as Bryn gets older. Christmas is so much fun as parents, and Josh and I had so much fun planning what to get Bryn and Mya. We're on a lovely grad-school budget, but luckily our kids are young and content with simple Christmas gifts. Actually, Bryn didn't even open all her presents because she got too busy playing with the first few things.
Bryn's main gift was a Jessie costume from Toy Story. It was a hit! We had a really late night on Christmas Eves, so Bryn woke up on Christmas pretty grumpy and tired. I thought it was going to be a disaster of a day, but as soon as she saw this Jessie costume she squealed with excitement and from then on the day was wonderful! Oh my goodness, I can't help but smile when I think of her excitement about this gift. Who knew a post-Halloween clearance costume could bring someone so much happiness!? Thank you Disney store.
We really went all out on Mya's gift this year and gave her this ball. Actually, she loved it, so three cheers for Josh for picking it out.
I'll probably regret posting this cheesy picture of myself, but one of our Christmas traditions is reciting memorized poems or quotes to my Mom. She always puts "memorize something" on her Christmas list, so each year my siblings recite something. Not all of us do it every year, but there are always a couple of us that prepare something, so it's kind of fun. This year I recited "Take Time to be Holy" by William Longstaff, Jordan recited "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley, and Logan recited a scripture passage. 
Bryn was totally in character for Jessie until she opened a Belle costume from grandma. Then in a matter of seconds the Jessie costume was thrown to the ground and she was fully in character for Belle. I don't know how long this dress-up, theatrical stage with last, but it is sure cracking us up.
 The closest thing to a family picture we took on Christmas. Bryn never smiles for photos, but she was just too happy from Christmas to refuse a smile.
 Look how sweet my new nephew Braden was on Christmas...just two weeks old. We were lucky to spend a few weeks with them since they were also staying at my parents house. He's a cutie and Marie is a super mom.
 Mya napped for most of the present opening, but she woke up at the tail end of things and entertained herself with a ribbon.
 After Christmas dinner we played games, and maybe the best part was Josh's acting in Charades. 
 Braden was getting most of the attention since he was the new kid on the block, so Mya had to go to great lengths to get noticed. The scarf and sunglasses did the trick and then she finally got everyone's attention :)
I know we won't always be able to fly home for Christmas, so we were grateful to be with family this year. Christmas is also my Dad's birthday, so it was a treat to be with him on his big day. It was also neat to be with every one of my siblings and even Jae's fiance Amy. I know we won't all be able to be together for every Christmas in the future, so we really soaked it in and enjoyed our time with everyone. 

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Jessica F. said...

That Jessie costume is absolutely darling. What cute girls!