Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm never good at planning day trips and out-of-the-ordinary activities (usually walking to the park is as exciting as it gets), but luckily I have friends who are really good at it and let us tag along! Last week we checked out Burlington, Vermont with a couple friends and it was such a fun trip! It's only an hour and a half away, but it was far enough to feel like a fun getaway for the day.
We spent most of our time at Lake Champlain and it was a really fun lake. Bryn hadn't been to a "beach" since we moved from California last summer, so she was so giddy! It was fun to see her playing in the sand and the waves, just like the good old days in Huntington Beach :)

Me, Michelle, and Catherine
This was the Saturday before my wonderful friend Michelle moved, so it was fun to fit in one last day trip with her. Cat was nice enough to play with Mya on the shore so I could swim with Bryn. I didn't think I'd be doing many excursions with the girls while Josh was gone, but thank goodness for awesome friends who are helping me out so much!
 After the lake we cleaned up and wandered around downtown Burlington. It was such a cute city! There was a big Farmer's Market going on and lots of cute little shops and restaurants along Church Street. 

 Brynlee, Brixton, and Damon
These two cute boys moved a few days ago and Bryn was so sad to see them go. I'm glad we fit in a fun Burlington trip with them before they left. Fun day!

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