Friday, June 7, 2013

D.C. Trip: National Gallery of Art

On Friday we spent the morning at the National Gallery of Art. Bryn stayed and played with cousins, which was perfect because I don't think she would have done well at an art museum for so long. Josh and I really enjoyed the art collection and had a really great time.

They had a handful of Sargent paintings and I always love his work.

There was a good collection of altarpieces and a big collection of 13th-15th century Italian Art. Lots of good stuff. 
 I loved these large relief sculptures by Mino da Fiesole. The one on the left is Faith and the one on the right is Charity. 
Josh is a Finance guy with not much background in art or art history, but I love going to art galleries with him.  I think he really enjoyed himself at the National Gallery and I was actually the one pulling him away from most rooms so we could get to the next paintings.
 All the modern and contemporary art galleries were in the East Building. While Josh really did love the traditional paintings in the West Building, I don't think he was as big of a fan of the modern art. But he loved me enough to check it out anyway and even make insightful commentary along the way :)
 Mya and I liked this large Rauschenberg collage. This was the only Rauschenberg on view, but it was a fun one.
They had a whole gallery full of Calder mobiles which were pretty cool. 
I loved the colbalt blue of this Rothko painting.
 Josh found ways to entertain himself.

I loved the gallery of Matisse paper cut-outs. 
It was so fun checking out the National Gallery and spending a fun morning with Josh and Mya. It had been a while since I'd visited a big gallery, and this was a good one. Thanks so much to Jess for watching Bryn!
After a morning full of art, we had lunch in the museum cafe and then walked over to the National Botanical Gardens and the Capitol. Such a fun day!

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