Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Evening at the Park

It's been a pretty gray, drizzly week so far, but there was a pocket of sunshine last night, so we threw together a picnic dinner and walked to a fun, new park about a mile away. We stayed for nearly two hours and even went back for more this morning (until we got rained out and made the soggy walk home). A new park (or a new anything) in our quiet, little city is a big deal!
Bryn loves parks like this. If there's anything dangerous or difficult, she is all over it.
 And then there is my cautious, little Mya who timidly makes her way around the playground equipment with wide eyes. This is her idea of "dangerous" - sitting on a bench with no hands.

I've looked at these pictures over and over today and they make me so happy. It's the simple little moments like this that make life feel so full. Bryn at four and a half years old is so, so great. I just love watching her do her thing all day. That girl. And Mya at almost-one year old is hard to beat, too. I am going to miss, miss, miss Josh this summer while he's away, but thank goodness I have these two sweet girls to make me smile.

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Alli said...

You are so brave to spend the summer apart. That's what we should have done to save money, but I can't even handle it when Dan works late! Prayers for you.