Tuesday, June 11, 2013

D.C. Trip: Monuments at Night

Josh and I checked out the National Monuments at night so we could see them all lit up. We did saw most of them Monday night and then went back for the rest on Tuesday. My Brother-in-law Sterling was our knowledgeable tour guide and photographer. Some of my pictures are grainy and I don't have photos of everything, but here are some of the highlights....
The Lincoln Memorial was probably my very favorite. It was really powerful looking up at the Lincoln statue and reading the inscriptions of his Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural Address.

Looking out from the Lincoln Memorial there is a beautiful view of the Washington Monument

 World War II Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial from across the river.
The White House wasn't as lit-up and impressive as the other places, but it was still cool to see the home of the president.
The Treasury Department
This wasn't really on our list of things to see, but we passed it on our way to the White House and I thought it was a beautiful building. I loved all the old buildings and architecture in D.C. 
 I absolutely loved seeing the monuments and memorials and it was especially nice to visit them without kids in the quiet of the night. I feel so grateful and indebted to the past and present leaders of our nation, and to those who have fought for our country in times of war and conflict. 

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