Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

 I knew when I was dating Josh that he was going to be a fantastic dad to our children, and I was completely right!
 Josh is gone for his internship in NYC, so we celebrated Father's Day on Friday night before he left. We ordered take-out from 3 Guys BBQ and had a fun night at home with the girls.
  We had Josh's favorite treat: warm brownies and peanut butter ice cream. Bryn gets credit for the pig and hippo on top....she thought we should make the brownies a little fancier since it was our Father's Day treat and all! Her animal choice was fitting - with a big BBQ meal + brownies and ice cream we certainly felt like pigs/hippos afterwards. Thank you, Bryn.
Josh is the best dad and Bryn and Mya are the luckiest kids around to have him as their dad. They just adore him and think he's the greatest person on earth. And they're right :)
Oh man, Mya is going to miss her Dad this summer and something tells me Josh is going to miss this little babe, too!
We were really missing Josh today! Thank goodness for video chats!
Also worth mentioning- Mr. Matthew R. Clarke.
I have the best dad ever and I wish I could have been with him today. Love you, Dad! Can't wait to see you in a month from today! We've got our paper chain hanging and are counting down the days!

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Hailey Te'o said...

Hope everything goes well this summer! Josh is a great dad & we sure love your dad! We had a good family dinner with them a few weeks ago. We love them!