Wednesday, June 12, 2013

D.C. Trip: Thank you Fillmores!!

 Just as fun as going to all the museums and D.C. sites was hanging out with Jess and Sterling and their four cute boys! It was so, so great to be with family. I have been missing family lately, so this trip was much needed! Jess and Sterling are the best hosts ever, so accommodating and generous. We had such a blast!

Also, another bonus to being in civilization again was hitting up Costco, Cafe Rio, Chick-fil-A, Trader Joes, Target, and Old Navy.....all of which are a few hours away from our home in New Hampshire. Jess and I would put our kids to bed and then spend the evenings running errands and thrifting. Jess is the sibling right above Josh and she has always seemed like an older sister to me. She is the best and I loved all our conversations and outings.
 Bryn LOVED her time with cousins! I'm so glad she'll see these cute boys again this summer at the Hawkins reunion.
Bryn was introduced to "boy" toys like monster trucks and super hero costumes.

 Josh was in heaven with all of Sterling's demos on his smoker and grill. Sterling did smoked pork and steaks and both were amazing! According to Josh, we will be purchasing a smoker as soon as we graduate. (We'll see how that goes...)
The six cousins! It's so fun to have kids the same ages of Jess's kids and I'm so glad that they are all becoming such good buddies.
THANK YOU FILLMORE FAMILY for such a great trip! D.C. was just as wonderful as I had heard it would be and I'm so glad we got the chance to check it out while we are living back east. And we may even squeeze in one more D.C. trip during our final year here. I could definitely go for a round two :)

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