Friday, June 28, 2013

Mya's Birthday

 Mya's birthday started early! 5:45 am early! The girls woke up with squeals and Bryn belting out the birthday song with as much gusto as it's ever been sung. While I missed that extra hour of sleep, I must admit their excitement was pretty darn cute. Bryn was so darling and just kept hugging Mya and saying "Mya! It's finally your birthday! You're finally a one year old!"
Our first item of business was to do a little Google+ Hangout with Josh from his office at Google :)
I felt so bad that Josh couldn't be here for Mya's big day, but luckily they had a cute video chat. I don't know who was more smiley and excited to see the other, Josh or Mya!
 Mya got a walker as her birthday gift from us, and she had fun testing it out.
That evening we had a very low-key birthday party with a few families from our neighborhood.
Bryn was the mastermind behind the decor. She and I sneakily told Mya on the eve of her birthday that we were going downstairs "to read one last bedtime book", but instead we blew up balloons and hung the crepe paper. Bryn loved being a part of the surprise and was giggling the whole time we worked, saying "Mya is going to be so surprised when she comes downstairs tomorrow! It's going to be hilarious!"
Some of our wonderful friends
(Bryn's pose is so typical! The popped hip!)
 Pink and purple birthday treats

Mya was not sure what to think about the whole cake thing. The whole time we sang to her and brought her the cake she had the most perplexed look like "What in the world is going on here?"
She wasn't a big fan of the cake. It didn't help that it was a really dense cake with stiff frosting (my bad), so it was quite a feat to actually break into it. 
 The only part she enjoyed was when she tipped it over and all the kids laughed :)
 She was, however, very interested in her birthday presents! 
We didn't go all out with gifts, but she got some cute little things from family members and friends and she had so much fun playing with them! I didn't think a one year old would even care much about gifts, but she was so happy unwrapping little things and looking them over. this birthday girl.
 What a fun day to celebrate one of the sweetest girls around :)


Marie said...

Laura this is so cute! Brynn's little comments cracked me up. And the picture of Mya looking at Brynn with the cake was so funny. What a darling one year old!

Clarke Family said...

Where did you get that delicious looking purple ice cream? Homemade?

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