Wednesday, June 12, 2013

D.C. Trip: Mt. Vernon

We spent our last day in D.C. at George Washington's estate Mt. Vernon, which is about 30 minutes outside D.C. We spent a good 6 hours at Mt. Vernon with the Fillmores and it was awesome. We love, love, loved it. It was the only attraction in D.C. that we actually had to pay for, but it was well worth it. I took about a million pictures, so I apologize for the photo overload...

You know Bryn loves playing the part of different characters every day, so of course Bryn was "Martha Washington" the whole time we were at Mt. Vernon.
The first thing we did at Mt. Vernon was do a house tour. Photography wasn't allowed inside, but it was so neat to see all the rooms where Washington lived. There was bright green and teal paint in certain rooms, which looked kind of funky and modern, but it was a sign of wealth back in the day to use those bright paint hues. It was cool to see the cute little crib the Washingtons used and to see the bed where George Washington passed away.
There were also tons of furnished rooms and houses around the property that belonged to servants and hired workers.
Cutie cute cute. (Josh needs a son, right?)
There were animals in different parts of the property and the kids loved it.
This cute girl was a fan of the animals, too.
After a few hours we had a nice lunch break on the far end of the property with the beautiful Potomac River behind us.

One of the coolest parts of Mt. Vernon was learning about George Washington's farming techniques and walking through the gardens that are still maintained.
 I thought that top quote was neat.
The gardeners and ground workers all wore cute, old-fashioned clothing and Bryn thought it was pretty cool.

Thank goodness we had two double strollers because there was a lot of walking. We played musical chairs with the strollers seats and the kids took turns walking and riding.
 I couldn't get enough of all the green. The covered trails were so, so pretty.
When Mya wasn't in the stroller she was usually getting silly with Bryn. 

 I loved all the beautiful, blooming magnolia trees all over the grounds. 

We ended with the George Washington museum which was really cool. There were lots of interactive exhibits, videos, and some neat artifacts. Bryn loved Martha Washington's dress and jewelry.
I'm so glad Jess and Sterling recommended Mt. Vernon because it was one of very favorite things in D.C. It was so cool to learn more about the first President of the United States and about the whole Washington family. The Mt. Vernon estate is simply beautiful and so well-maintained. Such a neat day!

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