Friday, June 7, 2013

D.C. Trip: Natural History and American History Museums

Josh finished his last final on Tuesday, May 28th and on Wednesday we hopped in the car and drove 8 hours to his sister Jess's house in Arlington, Virginia. We've been wanting to visit Jess and her family ever since we've been back east. I'd never been to Washington D.C. before so that made it even more exciting! Jess and Sterling are the best hosts and we had such a fun week with them. They live in such a cute home, in a gorgeous neighborhood, just 15 minutes from D.C.
We didn't see any sights on Wednesday because we were too busy playing with cousins, but on Thursday we headed to the National Mall and checked out a few museums.


The Natural History museum is pretty neat. Tons of cool exhibits, all housed in a gorgeous building.

 Bryn's favorite part of this museum was definitely the bugs! 

 We ate lunch on a bench at the Butterfly Garden and it was the perfect little spot for a break.

 One of our favorite parts of this museum was the collection of First Lady dresses.  
Behind this wall was the huge American flag that inspired The Star Spangled Banner. It was pretty neat to read about it and see the actual flag. (Photography wasn't allowed).
By far, Bryn's highlight of the American History Museum and maybe of the whole trip to D.C. was
seeing Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Oh my goodness, she has never been more excited. (Yes, that center picture shows her licking the glass case). She stood by the shoes for probably ten minutes, with the cutest, most genuine smile I've ever seen. She was a bit flustered, though, that she didn't have her Dorothy costume with her because she wanted to be in character. Sure enough, the first thing she did when we got home was rush to her closet and put on her Dorothy costume from Halloween. Cute cute cute. 

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