Wednesday, July 3, 2013


June was the month of goodbyes! Some of our very closest friends graduated and moved across the country for their new jobs, and then of course the girls and I had to say goodbye to JOSH who left for his 11-week internship in New York City. All these changes have thrown my regular way of life for a bit of a loop, but I'm getting into a new groove and the girls and I are managing.
Bryn made it clear she didn't want Josh to leave. She did all she could to convince him to stay, including leaving notes for him all over the house. "I do not (want) you to go to (New York)". Kind of cute, kind of sad. 
She's been writing Josh notes since he's been gone and Josh is so cute to reply. His drawings are the best part!
We need a close up of this! Josh illustrated how he gets to the Google office each morning and Bryn loved it. I love Josh :)
We really miss Josh! It's not the same without him around, but we've made it two weeks and only have 9 more to go! Thank goodness for technology that lets us video chat with him!
We had a handful of "last girls nights" but this one was truly the last one with the four Tuck girls who were moving. Movers were already packing up Andrea and Maren's houses at this point but it was fun to fit in one last gelato trip before people started taking off.  
 It's kind of uncanny how many matching outfits Maren and I wore this past year (not on purpose) and her two girls and my two girls also had matching wardrobes. It happened so often that it became a joke and we had to document one last matching outfit before she moved. It will be weird next year to show up to a gathering and not match anyone :) 
I wish I would have taken pictures of all the sweet, sad notes Bryn has written about her friends moving. She  wrote this note to the Holbrooks on their moving day and it got right to the point "Holbrook. Stop going away frum me. I love Brixton. Love, Bryn." She has legitimately been sad with these friends leaving and it's really tender to hear her expressing her feelings about it. One day she said "I used to have friends in California but then we moved. And then I got new friends in New Hampshire and then they moved." Sad! I guess that is how it goes in this stage of life, but someday (hopefully soon) we will be settled somewhere and Bryn will be able to keep her friends for a long, long time! And luckily, four year olds are only sad about something for 3 minutes and then they are flitting around the house as Cinderella, so Bryn will make it through!
Anyway, June- the teary, rainy month of goodbyes - is now over and here's to a sunny, beautiful July!

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