Monday, July 8, 2013

"Sleeping Beauty" by Brynlee

Brynlee is killing me lately. Four and a half has got to be the cutest age ever! I am giggling all day long at her ever-changing outfits and accessories, the funny little things she says, the notes she leaves all over the house, and her cute little drawings. Her new favorite thing to do is "make books". It is so cute! She just sits down at her desk and writes and illustrates simple "books" from stories she's heard or that she's made up on her own. Here is the first book she made. I didn't even know what she was working on - I assumed she was just coloring - until she showed me the finished product in her notebook....and I about died.
(I'll translate her words since her spelling is kind of wild).

"Sleeping Beauty by Brynlee"
"Sleeping Beauty"
(Bryn said "You know how books have a page at the beginning with the name of the book, but no pictures? Ya, that's what this page is!")
"Long ago there was a princess. She had 3 little fairies."

"But the witch stole her anyway."
(The angry witch and Sleeping Beauty crying on the left)

"Also, the witch killed the queen..."
"...and put her in jail."
 (The mad prince)
 (Sleeping Beauty being rescued by the prince)
"The prince saved Sleeping Beauty"
(Sleeping Beauty and the prince getting married.)
I love their side profiles with the half smiles and one eye. And the heart in between them! So great.
"And they lived happily ever after. The end."
Cute cute cute. I just had to document it because she goes in and out of stages so quickly that I don't know how long she'll be doing this book making thing. Hopefully she keeps at it for a while because her little drawings and misspelled words are so funny to me! Love ya, Bryn!


Diana Hulme said...'s too much! This is adorable. I love it, Bryn!

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Ok - i just totally blog stalked you and LOVED "catching" up. I miss you guys! It looks like you are having a great time. Vermont looks so pretty. And your girls are SO cute. Crazy our babies are 1!!