Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vermont with the Newmans

We had visitors this weekend! My cousin Cara lives in New Jersey with her husband Ryan and cute daughter Livvy, and they did a "fall colors" road trip through New England. We met up with them in Vermont and then they came back and stayed with us in New Hampshire. 
Some of the colored leaves had already fallen, but Vermont was really beautiful! We were in the Woodstock area which is only about 40 minutes from where we live. 
 We checked out the Sugar Bush Farm where they make fresh maple syrup and cheese. It was pretty cool to learn how they make the syrup and to sample cheeses that have been aging for 6-8 years!
 I love that little face peeking out of her fuzzy fleece suit!
We took a trail to see the tubes full of sap running from the trees down to the farm...the sap that's eventually made into syrup.
 This little lady loved the trip!
 I didn't get good pictures of it, but they had 15 of their different cheeses that we could sample, and 4 of their maple syrups. Yum!
 Bryn and Liv loved their little spoonfuls of syrup.
 My three very favorite people!
 Cara is such a great mom and Bryn and Mya both loved her!
Bryn and Liv were so cute and silly together! They had so much fun running around and playing together.
Mya was pretty impressed with Ryan's phone :)
It was so wonderful to be with family and have visitors. Thanks Cara and Ryan!

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mj said...

Mya and Kate have matching fleece suits. :)