Monday, October 15, 2012

Boston Lot Lake

Just down the street there's a trail to Boston Lot Lake (remember how we live in a forest?) and Bryn and I checked it out with a couple friends about a week ago. It was the perfect little hiking trail to do with kids and such a pretty hike with the fall colors. Hiking was one thing I really missed while we were in California. This was a quick little hike, but it was so fun to be outdoors in such a beautiful place, letting Bryn burn off some energy, and chatting with friends.
Brixton and Brynlee 
 These first three pictures are from my friend Maren who got such great shots! She actually got Bryn to look at the camera and give regular smiles(!!!)

 We live in a beautiful place! I hope I can take advantage of it and do more hikes and things while we're here.

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JS said...

Wow! That is beautiful! It is fun to live in a place that isn't a cement city, isn't it?