Tuesday, October 16, 2012

General Conference

General Conference is always a time we wish we lived close to our families, but it was a great weekend for our little family. We tried to make it a bigger deal for Bryn this time around. Before General Conference we taught her the names and some basic info about each apostle and member of the first presidency, and she was so excited each time she saw them on the tv screen. Josh or I drew a quick drawing of each speaker as they began their remarks and then Bryn colored the drawings during the talks. Josh's drawings were especially great :) Why didn't I take a picture of those masterpieces? I also bought a print of all the general authorities and Bryn tuck a sticker on each one that spoke. We didn't do anything super fancy, but was fun to have Bryn more involved and excited about conference. 
 We also had a big brunch before the Sunday morning session in our neighborhood clubhouse with our LDS neighbors. I brought cinnamon rolls and there was lots of other yummy food. So fun! We love our neighbors!
This is during the last session. Flashing a little leg and attempting to burp Mya on her own. Mya looks really uncomfortable in this picture, but she actually loves it when Bryn gives her attention and tries to hold her. 
Yay for conference!
Links to all the great conference talks HERE

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