Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I couldn't afford to make new curtains for the girls' room, and I wanted to try to use up fabric that I already had. So instead of curtains I made a couple strands of fabric garland to hang above her windows. They turned out bolder than I envisioned, but that's okay. Hopefully they won't stick out so much once I'm used to seeing them day after day. I just cut 15-20 strips of each color of fabric (I think 1.5" x 30" each) and then folded the strips in half and tied them to strands of twine. I just hung them with two clear push pins on each end.
 I also cut up Bryn's black-out curtain from California and miraculously each half covers these two windows perfectly. So we put that up sometimes for napping since the lovely garland offers zero coverage as far as darkening the room goes.


Our birthday garland/bunting that we hang for Bryn's birthday is pink, purple, orange, and totally girly. So I made some boy-ish garland to hang for Josh's birthday. (I think we'll re-use the green strand for St. Patrick's day and maybe I'll make a red strand and do red and blue garland for the 4th of July). 
The best part about this project is that it used up lots of fabric scraps from past projects. I made my friend Linds a quilt last year with blue and green fabrics, so most of these fabrics are leftover from that. I also used up some blue and green bias tape for the "string" of the garland. (Did I mention that I inherited a big shoe box full of  bias tape and trims? It always comes in handy for random projects that pop up.)

....Just kidding. No more garland for a while :)

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Karen said...

All of the garlands look awesome. I LOVE the ones for the girls' room. I also love the idea to use the green again for st. patty's and to add a red with the blue for the 4th! Way to go, Laura!