Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mya Girl

We're all loving the beautiful fall leaves lately, but Mya seems to be the biggest fan. Her favorite "hobby" is staring at these (fake) leaves, slowing reaching her hand up to grab them, getting excited, and then tipping the vase over. Repeated over and over throughout the day. 
 Even after a couple weeks of this game she's still amused. And I am still amused by watching her go at it. And Josh is amused that I am so her amusement. Alright, that's enough.
P.S. I can't get enough of Mya in turtle necks! I don't think it ever got cold enough to wear turtle necks in Southern California, so it's kind of fun to dress the girls (and myself) in sweaters, thick tights, boots, and cold-weather gear. 

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Kristy said...

She looks so much like Josh to me! She is cute and chunky. I love it.