Monday, October 8, 2012

Josh's 30th Birthday

 Josh turned THIRTY last week!!!
His Fall A term at school ended the day before his birthday, so his birthday was part of the fall break. So that worked out nicely! (Although he's taking one extra class with the 2nd year grad students, so he actually did have one class on his birthday. But one little class is better than a full day of class and studying!)
 We had a yummy breakfast, a low-key day and then a fun night at home with dinner and presents.
Josh is the best. I am just the luckiest girl around to be married to him, and I sure love him!
Of all the options, Josh chose MEATLOAF for his "birthday meal". He loves meatloaf and I hadn't made it in probably a year or two, so he finally got his wish. I don't think Bryn had ever had it before and she was pretty skeptical. It totally gave me flashbacks of when I was a child, literally crying about having to take a bite of meatloaf. It's a scary thing for a child. I think Bryn is still having nightmares about it.
As a side note, you can kind of get a hint in the picture of Brynlee that our neighborhood is absolutely bursting with color. I really can't believe how beautiful New England is in the fall. I keep trying to take pictures of it, but I just can't capture how incredible it is. You don't have to go out of your way to do a "fall colors drive". We pretty much live in a forest and the trees are so beautiful right now. I don't think I'll be a fan of New Hampshire winters (yikes!), but New Hampshire falls definitely get an A+


Richins Family said...

Happy 30th, Josh!!!

And happy meatloaf, Brynlee! She is SO cute.

The Colemans said...

Happy birthday! I'm so jealous you get the see beautiful east coast fall!

Michelle said...

my older sister was also traumatized by meatloaf as a child.....I don't mind it though. I'll have to get your recipe. :)