Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rock Painting, Cookie Frosting, and Pumpkin Carving

We've had fun doing Halloween activities the last few days. Here are a few....
Halloween rock painting
 Bryn and I walked to the Boston Lot Lake trail and gathered rocks in a cauldron that we could paint.
 Bryn meticulously scrubbed each rock and then we laid them out to dry.
 So proud of her clean rocks
Candy corn (Bryn's specialty), Frankenstein, Ghost and Cat (yes, that's supposed to be a cat).
Jack-o-Lantern, Witch (or evil gnome??), Skeleton, and Spider
This was a fun activity! Bryn loves a good project and this one kept her occupied all afternoon.
 Frosting sugar cookies is a holiday must.

 We did pumpkin carving for FHE on Monday
 I volunteered to help Bryn with the sugar cookies, and let Josh take charge of the pumpkin carving. There's nothing Josh loves more than scooping out slimy pumpkin seeds!
 Bryn is so proud of this little guy. We keep our jack-o-lanterns simple at the Hawkins household, but Bryn still thinks it's the coolest one around.
Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but it's fun to celebrate holidays with Bryn. Her excitement about everything is so cute.
Happy Halloween!


Jen Pixton said...

Love the painted rocks idea!

Karen said...

Way cute projects!

Emily Curfew said...

your rocks are the cutest things i've ever seen! what kind of paint do you use for that?

Michelle said...

oh. my. gosh. can we please paint rocks with you sometime?! i'm not kidding.