Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Crib Skirt

 After nearly three months of sleeping on a blanket on the floor, Mya finally started sleeping in her actual crib a couple weeks ago. We didn't set it up in California because we were moving, so she started sleeping on just a folded blanket. Then we didn't want her to sleep in her crib in her room (since she shares a room with Bryn) until she was sleeping til 7 or 8 am so that she wouldn't wake up Bryn. Anyway, to celebrate the move to CRIB sleeping, I made an easy crib skirt to cover the bars that raise the mattress up and to hide the blankets in the drawer below. 
 To use less fabric and to make things easy I finished the edges of a long piece of fabric and just used velcro to attach it to the perimeter of the bars. It's not my idea- I got this idea a long time ago from somewhere online, but now I can't remember which website. It was such a quick and easy project!


mj said...

Nice work! Kate is still not in her crib. We bought it last month and she takes naps in it (unless she falls asleep in her swing like today). I was waiting to transfer her in until I had the bumpers/sheets/etc. ready. Which I'm nearly finished with as of today. Yay! We really need to craft together!

Hanna said...

I have a totally random question for you. Would you email me please? Thanks!