Sunday, April 26, 2009


So about two and a half years ago around Christmas time of 2006 my family decided to do family pictures (in a family of eight kids I was the only one who was still single). Well, after my whole family had taken family pictures, each of my siblings then had some time with the photographer and their individual families to take their own family pictures. For some reason after one of my siblings and their family had taken their pictures the photographer called my name. Why I consented to a single photo shoot of myself, where all the pictures were of me in various poses I'll never know, but the following is just one of the photos taken that day, titled, "Alone":Word to the wise, if you're ever in a photo shoot and the photographer thinks that it will be really cool to take a picture of you at the bottom of a pit with your hands in your pockets and a cheesy grin on your face, ask yourself, "How have I gotten myself to this point in my life?" I didn't, and now I have this photo for the rest of my life.

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