Friday, April 24, 2009

Any Tips?

Lately I've really felt the need to create! I've got some new paintings planned, but I want to develop other creative outlets as well. I think I'm in mother mode. I bought my first glue gun (a mother necessity), but I've been wanting an even bigger toy...a sewing machine. There are so many little sewing projects I've been dying to try! The glue gun was $8.00, easily fitting within the small "Crafts/Hobbies" section of our budget, but I couldn't really justify going out and just buying a sewing machine out of the blue. They usually run a little higher than $8.00. I thought I'd have to wait for Christmas, or my birthday, or til we became wealthy enough to add a much more generous "crafting" column to our monthly budget.

But......then I sold two paintings this week, which brought in enough moolah to buy a sewing machine, or two or three sewing machines. Woot woot! Josh is currently gone on a Scout Camporee, and I haven't told him my big plan, but I'm sure he wouldn't object to me buying one. Especially if I promised to sew him a new outfit, or a cape, or at least a colorful neckerchief for his scout attire. He's always a sucker for neckerchiefs.

Now, to the point of this post:

Any recommendations for good sewing machines? Or nice features to have? Or brands? Anything?

One final note directed only to family members, who are no doubt worried about this purchase:

No, I will not be sewing any more pairs of neon green pajama pants with bright purple swirls. And if, for some reason, I did sew another pair of those pants, I certainly would not wear them outside of the house to play sports, thinking it was cool to ditch the regular black shorts and make a bolder statement with the neon green. There's no dout that they made a statement, but that's a whole other story.

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