Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best FHE ever! and a few other things

Last night we had Family Home Evening with three elderly couples from our new ward. They were so nice to include us. It was such a great evening getting to know them better. They had such wonderful stories. Some were serious and touching. Others were so, so funny! Josh and I were dying. It came out that one of the men used to be a professional wrestler! He told us stories about throwing men into the four row of the audience. He was known as the "Masked Marvel". Here is a picture of the "Masked Marvel" demonstrating some of his signature moves on Josh. I can't tell you how much I was loving this!!!

Jim wasn't a professional wrestler, but he wanted in on the fun! This was seriously the most fun Josh and I have had in a long time! We've got to get together with them again soon!

And now, for a few other random pictures:
Summer weather is here! Bring out the sundresses!!! Before church on Sunday. Bryn was being a cheeseball. Sometimes she gets in these silly moods where she blows little bubbles and drools down her chin. Her dress was soaked by the time we got to church! Oh well. At least it wasn't spit up!

Yesteray it was a record high of 98 degrees in Huntington Beach. Way too hot for my liking! Luckily Bryn could change into a nice airy little outfit. I wanted to do the same, but I kept myself a little more modest.

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