Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Update

Last night Mark took us to Sharkeez, a sports grill on Main. They have a Monday night special on yummy chicken fajitas. They were delicious. Huge platters of chicken, grilled vegetables, rice, beans, tortillas, guac, the works. It was so good! I've got to take my family here when they come to visit. I don't remember being that full in a long time! Thanks Mark!
Yesterday was over 80 degrees and soo sunny, but it cooled off in the evening so it was really nice to eat outside. We caught a little bit of the championship game while we were at Sharkeez, but it wasn't much of a game. (I'm pleased to report that once again I won first place in my family's bracket challenge yet again - much to the dismay of my brothers, dad, and husband. See my brother's (Jae Clarke) post about this by clicking his link to the right. This year I ended up in the 98.8th percentile nationwide, which isn't as good as my previous victorious years, but it's not bad. Josh can't decide if he's jealous or proud of me!)
Sunday night we went on a beautiful walk along the beach trail. Sometimes it's a little windy on the beach trail when I go walking with Bryn, but Sunday it was such a nice, clear night.

Brynlee's new favorite thing to do is grab things. Anything. Whether it's her shirt, her skirt, her blankies, her toys, our clothing, or even...

...our faces. She had such a tight grip on my nose last night! Kind of a weird picture, but we thought it was funny. One hand tightly gripping her skirt. The other tightly gripping my nose. We love this little girl!!!

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