Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Hundred Dollars Later...

...we have the official scout pants, shirt, and belt. The only pants Josh could find were the kind that zipped off into shorts. He isn't a huge fan of the zip-off look, so he asked the worker where the regular scout pants were. The worker smiled and said "Sir, zip-off pants are in style. It's the only pant style we carry now." I had to laugh. This whole zip-off pant business makes me think of a dating experience a few years ago:

I was on a date, hot summer day, the room was full of people and getting a little warm, little beads of sweat begin to accumulate on my date's forehead. Luckily he was wearing zip off pants, so he zips them off to the capri level. Back up. He was wearing zip off pants on a date, and what makes it worse is that they not only zipped off into shorts, but they zipped off into capris. I sneakily pulled out my camera and took a picture of the pants because it was too much for me.

Here's the evidence:

That was our last date.

No offense if you wear zip off pants. In fact, according to the Scout worker, zip-off pants are supposedly the latest come-back trend.

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