Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we go again

When I first got married I would take a picture of every meal that I made! I wouldn't let Josh take a bite until I had taken pictures of his pretty plate. Sometimes I even included him in the pictures prompting him to "smile big and act like you're really happy about this new recipe!" I guess I was just so excited to be a wife and to be learning how to cook. Now I laugh when I go through my pictures and find all those pictures of meals! It was a little out of control.

Now I'm doing the same thing with Brynlee's Sunday pictures. We'll be rushing off to church and I'll say "Wait! We haven't taken a picture of Brynlee's church outfit!" We'll have to drop everything, find the camera, and take a handful of pictures. I know. It's a little overboard. How long will this last? It could be a while. Even though I recognize that it's silly, I'm sure I'll be pulling the camera out again next week! This a dead give away that I'm a first time mom. Something tells me I won't be doing this by the time I get to my fourth or fifth child!

Hope you enjoy the picture of Brynlee from this past Sunday!

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