Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

So....I surprised my family and drove to Utah with my Uncle Mark. (Josh couldn't go because of work and studying for the CFA exam.) We got in late Thursday night and then arrived back in California late last night. What a great trip! It was so fun to see my family and for them to spend time with Brynlee. The trip included shopping, movies, a late-night frozen yogurt run, dyeing Easter eggs, an Easter egg hunt, a Tueller Family gathering, and tons of time playing with cute little Bryn. Here are several pictures I stole from my sister's camera:

Logan, Dad, and Mom at YogurtStop.
Marie, Bryn, and I

Bryn didn't enjoy our long shopping trips as much as I did.

Logan is a great uncle! He was so sweet with Bryn. He even put his pink flamingo "beanie baby" in Brynlee's easter baasket and said she could have it for keeps.

Uncle Jae has never been happier.

I loved spending time with my beautiful sister Marie, and so did Bryn!

Love those big blues! (Maybe I'm a horrible mother for posting this, but it's just too funny to pass up). Bryn is wonderful and perfect in almost every way...but she definitely spits up a lot. I carry a burp cloth with me all day because you never know when she'll strike. Aunt Margaret snapped this picture right as Brynlee spit up. Poor girl! I'm hoping Bryn will grow out of it soon!

My family figured out how to make Brynlee LAUGH! (Why didn't I mention this sooner!?) It was the cutest thing in the whole world to see her giggling and throwing her head back with a huge smile!

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