Thursday, March 28, 2013


Josh spent two years in Bolivia for his LDS mission and he's been dying to get back to South America ever since then. He finally got his chance when a project came up at Dartmouth that involved a team of students travelling to Peru. He and a few other students have spent the last few months researching and preparing for this trip and it finally happened last week during Dartmouth's semester break. Josh had the time of his life and is now trying to convince me that South America would make a reeeeally great vacation spot someday :) 
I love that Josh had someone take a picture of one of his business meetings! I guess he knows me well enough to know I would want a cute, little picture of that :)

One of Josh's old friends from his mission lives in Lima, so they got together a few times.
Maybe the thing Josh was most excited about was the food. :)
The project went even better than they had hoped, so the trip was a total success. And Josh got to do and see some really cool things....most of which are not pictured. 
The girls and I missed Josh a lot while he was gone for a week, but I'm glad he had such a fun time. And he scored some major dad points with Bryn for bringing her back a wooden ring, Peruvian treats, and some "real Peru money"(!!!)
Since being home, Josh has been reading Harry Potter in Spanish and listening to Shakira and Juanes, so I think he's definitely still in "Peru mode"!


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

I love, love, love Peru. Josh isn't being biased if he tells you that Peru has the best food in all of South America. In fact, it's been my favorite food out of all the places we've been...I'm no food connoisseur though :) Peru is gorgeous and Machu Picchu is amazing! No, incredible. I'd go back to Peru in a heartbeat!

Richins Family said...

1. Adam is jealous of Josh's trip to Peru.

2. I'm pretty sure Adam still has a man-crush on "Josh Hawkins" (he always refers to him by his full name. Or he just calls him Elder Hawkins).

3. Adam has tried for years to convince me that we need to visit his mission sometime, but in the same conversation he also always mentions the jungles and the spiders big enough to eat birds and I usually tune him out after that.

4. If you guys ever do vacation in South America and need some company, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to twist Adam's arm very much to get him to go. Laura, I'd spider-watch for you if you would for me...

5. Adam wants to know if Josh can roll his Rs yet.