Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Store

Growing up, we had a "Family Store" where my parents subsidized the cost of little toys and my siblings and I could do extra jobs and save up money for items we wanted....or if we memorized 10 piano songs or something?? I can't remember the specifics, but I just remember it was pretty cool and I loved it as a child. 
I thought it would be fun to start something like this with Brynlee. So far it has been a big hit and Bryn has been doing jobs all day to earn coins for our "Family Store". (I am using fake coins with her). She has a list of jobs she can choose from - things like making her bed on her own, setting the dinner table, cleaning up her toy room, helping make dinner, etc - and after each job she gets one coin to put in her little money jar. Our prizes in the family store are things like a coloring book, sidewalk chalk, new watercolor paints, a book, etc.
 One of the jobs is getting herself ready on her own (putting away pajamas, putting on clothes, and brushing her teeth). One morning last week I was in a hurry and asked Bryn if she wanted to earn a coin by getting herself ready to go. My plan backfired when cute Bryn came down looking like a tourist and I had to spend 10 minutes convincing her to save this classy outfit for a day when it wasn't snowing outside :)
Another job she loves is setting the table. She started out using our regular dishes and putting them in the right spot, but each night she has gotten a little more creative with what dishes she uses and how she arranges them :)
One night last week she even made place cards for each spot. She was pretending we were all Charlotte's web characters that night, so Josh got the place card with "Templeton"on know, that creepy rat who eats all the junk food at the fair? Ha ha!
I love, love, love having a cute 4-year old daughter as my little helper all day!