Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Week

It's been quite a week for Mya, full of lots of very important "firsts".
First time actually getting out of the stroller/bjorn at the library and taking advantage of the baskets of board books. It was a big deal.
Also, I'm embarrassed to admit that this is the first time Mya has actually worn shoes. Yes. Really. 
When my mom saw a picture of Mya on the swing last week in a fleece snow suit and just socks she finally called and sweetly asked if she could buy Mya a pair of shoes. Ha ha!....Mya is almost nine months, so I'm not sure how I didn't realize she was probably old enough for shoes! Long story short, today was a momentous occasion for Mya to show off her footwear.
(What would I do without my Mom? Mya might have been 7 years old before I realized socks weren't going to cut it anymore).
First time wearing jeans. Chubby legs in skinny jeans is just the best.

Other "firsts" this week that aren't pictured: 
-First time feeding herself a graham cracker without any help. Of course, she devoured it.
-First time crawling backwards and scooting around the perimeter of the room (backwards) grabbing anything in sight. (Still not crawling forwards, but maybe we'll get there by her first birthday. Baby steps).
-Most importantly, first time saying the "Ma-ma" sound. Atta girl, Mya.
Big week, right? So many new years resolutions that Mya can now cross off her list. 
Three cheers for Mya!!


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Cute girl!! Mason has never worn shoes before and he is 10 months old, so don't feel too bad!

Marie said...

Nora hasn't worn shoes yet either :) You have such cute girls!!

Diana Hulme said...

Ollie didn't wear shoes until he was a year, and not that often until he started walking at 14 months. She's ahead of the game in my book!