Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break

Josh's winter semester ended last week and now he has a two week break before spring term begins. Hooray! We were going to go to Boston or New York, but then Josh got approved to go to Peru during spring break with two other Tuck students for a Dartmouth project. Before he takes off we are trying to fit in some fun family time, so yesterday we went wild and crazy, drove all the way to Vermont (only about a 10 minute drive), and went bowling!!!
Bowling at the Upper Valley Lanes is truly a unique experience. First and foremost, it's connected to Shenanigans, "The Upper Valley's hottest nightclub". Upper Valley Lanes is kind of your all-in-one entertainment venue: you've got bowling, arcade games, billiards, and then if you walk through the curtained doorway you've got your ticket to all sorts of shenanigans. (Not that I would know firsthand). Normally I wouldn't take my children to a bowling alley adjoined to a "night club", but our options are scarce up here! Josh and I also laughed that the bowling alley blasted Eminem music during Family Hour and that the manager's dog ran freely through the building, even across the wooden lanes and around the chairs. Anything goes, I guess! You'd think a place like this would be packed, but we were the only ones there :)

This picture is classic. Josh caught Mya in the act of yanking Bryn's hair and Mya looked pretty proud of herself. 
 The benefit of not getting out much is that when we do get out it is lots of fun and Bryn thinks it's Christmas or something! Thank you for a good time, Upper Valley Lanes. And three cheers for spring break because we love having Josh home all day!

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