Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi(e) Day

We love celebrating holidays and Pi day (3/14) is no exception! We celebrated Pi Day with a fun Pi(e) Party tonight at the church. Lots of delicious home-baked pies and fun science activities.
Several of our friends (science PhD students at Dartmouth) did fun demonstrations and science experiments for the kids and it was really fun to see the wide eyes in the audience of cute kids. Maybe the best part of the night was when a cute 11-year-old boy recited over THREE HUNDRED decimal points in Pi!! It took him so long that it almost seemed like he had to be making it up, but his mom said he's been working on memorizing it for months. What kind of little kid memorizes the Pi decimals in their spare time!? I was impressed!! 
This is a funny picture of me, but I had to document Mya's first bite of pie! I needed someone to taste test my apple crumble pie and Mya was an eager volunteer. She gave it two chubby thumbs up and then spent the rest of the night lunging at any slice of pie in sight. (Like mother, like daughter). Mya snuck a few fists full of pie from plates at our table and got herself almost as messy as Bryn, who had one sleeve smeared with chocolate mouse and the other sleeve covered in whipped cream. We ended the night one last science experiment....watching Oxi-Clean dissolve the pie stains from our clothes :)


Nate and Julie said...

What a fun ward activity! I love pie, but am ashamed to say that I forgot about pie day until I was too tired to do anything to celebrate. Maybe next year.

Tiffany Toronto said...

Wow, fun. I didn't remember hearing about this activity. It looks like a cute idea

Karen said...

What a fun activity!! How cool that you have the PhD students to help out. Love all of your recent posts.