Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter Days

Yesterday was in the low 30's, but there was just enough sunshine to take a wagon ride around the neighborhood and let Bryn run around and burn off some energy. We didn't last very long because Mya's little face was getting frozen, but it was fun for half an hour or so. I love that there is so much open space in our neighborhood for Bryn to just run, run, run.

It's good we took advantage of the clear day yesterday because today we woke up to this....
It's been snowing all day and Bryn was bummed that her gymnastics class was cancelled. New Hampshire is really quick to cancel classes and schools for "snow days"...even when it's just a few inches of snow.
 I'm crossing my fingers this is our last snow of the season and that spring will come soon. But in the meantime we'll just snuggle up and have another cozy day inside. 
P.S. Josh is in Peru right now, wearing shorts and t-shirts with weather in the 80's. Bryn and I are trying really hard not to be jealous :)

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Tiffany Toronto said...

I keep having Arizonan's send me texts/facebook posts/etc of the warm weather there. Boo. I am glad you guys got outside. Maybe one of these days I can pull myself together enough to do cool things like painting and walks with my brood :)