Friday, March 1, 2013

February Happenings

February is over and we are one more month closer to spring and warm weather! :)
It's been a pretty cold, wet month and we've spent a lot of time indoors, but we've tried to keep ourselves busy with fun things...
 Tea parties with friends
 Bryn and I aren't good at building real snowmen, but Bryn is pretty proficient at making snowmen from things from the craft box. 
 I love these three buddies! 
We had a fun Valentine's date with some of our church friends in the clubhouse.
 We got out the Easter box right after Valentine's was over and Bryn loves getting into character as the Easter Bunny and hopping around the house hiding eggs for us to find. 
 Mya is just cute.
 And she's even cuter sitting on her dad's lap!
 As much as I'm anxious for spring, I must admit there's something beautiful about looking out to a winter wonderland every day. And I'm kind of a home-body anyway, so I guess all these days cooped up inside aren't that bad :)

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Karen said...

A wonderful month, indeed. I love winter. Your back/side? yard looks beautiful.