Tuesday, February 26, 2013

8 Months

 This cute girl hit her 8-month mark today! I love this stage and I'm getting such a kick out of her little personality that is starting to come through. She's smiley and sweet, but she's is more quiet and cuddly than Bryn was. She has just started being a little clingy to her mama and apprehensive about being held by my friends, so we've got to get her over that fear :)
 This month she got her first two teeth on the bottom, which made for a few cranky days! Another highlight is that Mya finally stopped spitting up, so we've had a lot less laundry to do. (She never spit up as much as Bryn, but we still had to keep a burp cloth by her at all times!) Mya eats at 7 am, 11:30 am, 4 pm, and 7:30 pm and has baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had a bad case of mastitis this month (well, is there such thing as a good case of mastitis??) and it kind of threw off Mya's nursing. We're still trying to get back to normal, but I might have to supplement with formula. (I've never ever used formula before....any suggestions on brands/types?)
Mya is getting more curious, but she's still not really mobile. At this age Bryn was crawling, pulling herself up to things, sitting herself up, and a little more mischievous with ripping things or putting everything in her mouth. That's not Mya! She will sit in one spot for over an hour just playing with the toys or books next to her. When she's on her stomach she rolls around and scoots herself backwards or in a circle, but she really doesn't seem too anxious to be mobile. She is getting a bit better and standing and can stand up on her own if she's holding on to the couch or an ottoman or something.
Bryn and Mya at 8 months


Emily Curfew said...

love her cute bow!

Diana Hulme said...

I've always thought Mya looks a lot like Josh, but in these pictures she looks like you! I think her eyebrow/eye shape...pretty girls. :) hope the nursing gets better.

The Shurtleffs said...

When we supplemented with formula for Harrison, we just used the Costco brand. :)