Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tueller Family Pictures

While we were in Utah we had our pictures taken with my whole Tueller family. We were hoping to do them outside on the steps of the Maeser building at BYU, but it was a huge blizzard that day, so we had to move the pictures indoors. We hadn't taken Tueller family pictures in years, but most of the out-of-state family members all happened to be in Utah for Christmas so we jumped at the chance to take some pictures. 
This is everyone! 
My cousin Brittany was the only one who wasn't in Utah for Christmas, but her family made it into the picture with a little help from photo shop :)
My cute grandparents
 My mom's immediate family
 All my Tueller cousins
The Tueller great-grandchildren (minus Brit's two daughters)
My fam
Bryn had obviously had it with the pictures at this point!
Our little fam
 Devin, Marie, and 2-week-old Braden
(How amazing does Rie look 2 weeks after labor!!?)
 Jae and Amy
Jordan and Logan
There's nothing that brings two brothers together like a good photo session! :)
 Mom and Dad
Thanks to Jylare Smith for the fun pictures! 

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