Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Attacks

 For the last week Bryn and I have been cutting out hearts every afternoon and writing little notes to all our neighborhood friends. Today we finally finished all the hearts and as soon as Josh got home we bundled up and covered our friend's doors with "heart attacks". She thought it was so sneaky and fun. 

Can you tell by the pictures how proud Bryn was of her work?? Her little cheesy smiles were killing me. It looks like she's trying to be silly, but she was actually just genuinely pleased with all the heart-covered doors. 
We got caught at 6 of the 8 doors we decorated, but that almost made it even better for Bryn because she could run off giggling.
Holidays are so fun with this little girl!


mj said...

Seriously - best part of my day. My week. My month! I'm not kidding! WE LOVED IT!

Scott and Lindsey Family said...

You and your pranks, Laura. You've always been so deceivingly sneaky.