Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Week

It's been a great week...
  We walked to the beach and made sand castles with friends
We packed lunches and headed down to the pier to watch the surfers
We went to the beach again
We played at the park daily
 Okay, just one last beach day
 And we went to Disneyland and rode the Bugs Life rides again and again until we were sick.
Wait a minute. That was last February! Oops!
This chilly New Hampshire winter is really making me long for our sunny winter days in Huntington Beach! We had it good! There's supposedly another big "Nor'Easter" blizzard headed our way tomorrow and I'm hoping it's not too wild because Josh is gone interviewing until Saturday afternoon (if his flight isn't delayed). The internship options in California are sounding better and better right now :)
P.S. New Hampshire, I really do love you, but not in February.


Emily Curfew said...

i definitely understand!!! i think i miss living in southern california for the first time since we moved - this january (and still february) in slc has been brutal!!!

{autie} said...

I thought to myself...I swear I've seen that surfer picture before...and hey, why didn't she tell me she was in town!

Michelle Nguyen said...

This makes me sad! I haven't read blogs in like a year then saw this and thought blogger was broken, and then I read. We miss you guys!!!