Sunday, February 10, 2013

Girl Time, Part 2

Josh left Thursday morning for an interview in New Jersey. And then he never came home! And he may never make it back?? This "storm of historic proportions" didn't seem too crazy, but it did throw a bit of a kink into Josh's travel plans. The airports back here are still struggling to get back in business, so we're just hoping he makes it home by Easter. Fingers crossed. 
(Actually, he's hoping to catch a flight home tomorrow, but I keep getting the fake-out with cancelled flights, so I'm telling myself Easter).
I guess "Girl Time" is kind of the theme around here lately, but we know how to do girl time.
Matching outfits, dance parties, Taylor Swift sing-alongs, reading time in mama's bed, cuddles on the couch, treats, treats, more can't go wrong with that line-up.
 Eeek! This girl! 
I couldn't love her more.
P.S. Turns out, Bryn and Mya both love the same "Colors" book at 7 months. And they even look a little bit similar reading it. Blue eyes, chubby cheeks, low necklines, etc. Definitely siblings, right? Both cute as can be, if you ask me :)


Emily Curfew said...

They look like twins in the last photo side-by-side. I don't know who's who :)

Nate and Keshia said...

Wow, I actually thought it was just two pictures of Mya. How fun! They look so much alike! Hope Josh makes it home soon.