Friday, February 1, 2013

Girl Time

Josh has been out of town the last two days, so we've had some fun girl time!
Josh will have an out-of-state internship somewhere this summer and chances are the girls and I will stay here in New Hampshire while he's away. So this week was a tiny little trial run of how it will be this summer. We've had a lot of fun! And we've also had lots of not-so-fun! Come home Josh! 
The fun turned not-fun when I made the mistake of feeding Mya baby food prunes. And that's a mistake I'll only make once.... I'm not sure why I thought that would be a good idea. Josh wasn't here to stop me.
I don't need to elaborate, but nothing puts me in a better mood than scrubbing out soiled outfit after outfit and changing soiled diaper after diaper. 
Tip #1 from this trial run of surviving without Josh: no prunes.
Okay enough about prunes. Let's talk about duplos. I could play duplos with Bryn all day every day. Our favorite thing is to build houses for her Toy Story characters. And today we went all out and even made very fancy felt beds for everyone. This was probably one of the highlights of Bryn's life thus far. Now I'm scouring ebay for a good deal on duplo sets because Bryn and I have great plans for what we could do with this Toy Story house if we only had the duplo blocks for it. In the meantime we'll just keep daydreaming about all the towers, and stairs, and balconies, and three car garages we'll be able to build someday.
 While Josh has been gone we've made lots of "girl meals" and twice-daily spinach and kale smoothies (HERE is our favorite recipe. Yum!) And the rule about eating (drinking) kale is that it cancels out any Valentine's candy you eat that day. Right?
 This girl loves to bake! And eat! She is her mother's child.
We usually have a rule of no reading at the dinner table, but it was a girls night so we let Mya off the hook this time. 
I'm not crazy about dressing my girls exactly matching, but Bryn happens to have the exact opposite view on this issue. She lives for it. It is a real battle to get her into an outfit that doesn't coordinate with what Mya is wearing. 
Basically, I love these two girls and I miss Josh.
Trial run #2 will be next week when Josh takes off for more interviews in New Jersey. I guess we are in the thick of "recruiting season". Kind of exciting, kind of really, really scary and nerve-racking. We'll see how things pan out. Yikes!


Marie said...

that is so exciting for you guys. Hopefully he'll be "recruited" somewhere that you're happy with :) said...

bryn's hair cut is so cute!