Thursday, January 31, 2013

V-Day Envelope

Mya's Valentine's Day envelope is finished and we are now officially ready for February to start tomorrow! I made Bryn's envelope a few years ago during a late-night craft session with friends in California. It's been a fun tradition the last couple years for Josh and I to fill Bryn's envelope with love notes and treats during the first two weeks of February. I wasn't going to make one for Mya yet, but Bryn had a problem with that. So she helped me make one for Mya girl!
 And I'm not kidding about the "helping me make it" part. No joke, this project took about 10 hours to finish because cute Bryn literally helped me poke the needle up and down for almost all of those little stitches. Yikes! Every time she looked away I quickly did as many stitches as I could, but I have to give Bryn some big time credit for the blood, sweat, and tears she poured into this thing. After each stitch she looked up at me with the proudest, happiest closed-mouth smile ever. Ahhh....There's no better craft partner than a 4-year old daughter. Bryn is crazy about the finished product and is so thrilled to have another something matching with Mya. 
P.S. Bryn. Cutest thing ever. 
Ok, I'll stop. 
I'm admittedly a cry baby (I still haven't left the post-baby cry-easily stage? What's going on?), but I seriously got teary seeing that fuzzy little head next to Bryn's tonight at dinner. Josh is out of town til Saturday, but he's going to die seeing these two heads from this view. I don't know if he'll love it to the point of tears, but maybe he'll join me and we can share a kleenex.

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Brittany and Buddy Bennett said...

Laura! You make me so excited for my little Reese and the fun projects we can do together. Being a mom is the best. I can totally relate to your tears!